Why Choose an H2GO Battery?

At IPS, we offer a full range of Crown Batteries, but we sell more H2GO batteries than any other type. Aside from being a quality Crown product, the H2GO battery has some unique features that make it a great value for our customers. When you are looking for forklift batteries or heavy duty batteries that use the latest technology to give you more for your money, then we suggest that you take a look at the H2GO line of Crown batteries.

Watering Intervals Are Expanded

A battery operates using a carefully blended combination of acid and water called electrolyte. As the battery generates energy, the water evaporates and it becomes necessary to add water to the battery over time. If you try to water your battery too much to cut back on watering intervals, then the electrolyte will overflow and possibly corrode your equipment or harm your employees.

When you don’t water your batteries enough, the level of acid continues to drop until the battery is permanently damaged. Watering batteries requires removing the cap on each cell and refilling the water to the proper level. Most batteries must be watered every two or three weeks, which can take up a lot of time.

The H2GO batteries only need to be watered once every three to six weeks. This allows you and your crew to invest more time in getting work done, and less time in watering your batteries.

Recombinant Vent Caps

Your batteries give off a liquid emission that is a combination of the water and acid used to safely generate power. One of the reasons why the H2GO batteries only need to be watered once every nine to 12 weeks is because of their recombinant vent caps.

These innovative caps gather the escaping liquid and recombine it in with the electrolyte in each battery cell. It is a safe and effective way to reduce electrolyte loss in your batteries, and give you more battery time.

Advanced Separators

Within each battery cell is a separator material that helps to reduce how much water is evaporated as the battery operates. In the H2GO Crown batteries, there is an advanced separator material that improves each cell’s ability to accept charges, and significantly reduce the amount of water used to generate energy. This is yet another innovative Crown feature in the H2GO line of batteries that saves you time and money.

Advanced Skeletal Structure

When every part of a battery is designed to maximize electrolyte usage, then you get a battery that lasts longer. The H2GO batteries use a special paste in their skeletal structure that makes better use of the electrolyte inside, and also prevents any liquids from escaping from the battery. With this advanced skeletal structure, your H2GO battery will last longer and require less watering intervals.

The H2GO batteries come with a five-year warranty and an LED indicator that takes all of the guess work out of monitoring and replenishing water levels. With all of the advanced features Crown Batteries has put into the H2GO line, it is easy to see why so many of our industrial and commercial clients choose these batteries to operate their forklifts, scissor lifts and any other equipment that requires reliable battery power.

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