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Avoiding These 3 Common Battery Injuries

Deep cycle batteries deliver a great deal of power for a long period of time, and they come in relatively small containers. When you have that much power in one small area, there are going to be safety concerns to worry about. If you handle deep cycle injuries for your company or even at home, then you need to be aware of these types of common injuries that can occur at any moment.

Ingestion of Toxic Materials

These batteries generate their power by using a series of toxic materials that c…

Replacing and Recharging Your Forklift Battery

According to OSHA, industrial forklift batteries should last approximately 2000 discharge/charge cycles or 2000 work shifts (under normal conditions). However, frequently transporting heavier loads will drain forklift batteries more quickly than moving light objects.

Warning signs a forklift battery is dying and should be replaced include:

Delayed turning over of the forklift
Dimming or flickering headlights
Ammeter showing a high RPM discharge
Battery case has corrosion buildup

4 Reasons to Use Our Battery Rental Service

Industrial Powersource has been offering a battery rental service for many years now, and we find that it offers tremendous value to our clients. Whenever we get a chance, we always like to point out our rental service to clients who are not utilizing it, just so they know that they have the option.

Why would you ever need to rent a battery? When we get this question, we offer answers that deal with short and long-term issues. The flexibility of our rental program is what makes it so popular…

Use Your Year-End Capital Budget This Month and Save Big!

Why Choose an H2GO Battery?

At IPS, we offer a full range of Crown Batteries, but we sell more H2GO batteries than any other type. Aside from being a quality Crown product, the H2GO battery has some unique features that make it a great value for our customers. When you are looking for forklift batteries or heavy duty batteries that use the latest technology to give you more for your money, then we suggest that you take a look at the H2GO line of Crown batteries.

Watering Intervals Are Expanded

A battery operates usin…

What to Wear When Maintaining Your Industrial Battery

Reconstituted heavy-duty batteries are a crucial part of many fields, and doing your own maintenance can extend a battery’s usable life. This can save you time, money, and energy. To perform battery maintenance safely, you must be aware of OSHA guidelines. Additionally, you must take precautions to keep your workers safe in case an industrial battery accident does occur.

OSHA Guidelines Regarding Industrial Batteries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has several sp…

New Site Launched!

We Have a New Website!

Industrial Powersource (IPS) is the leader in motive power sales and service for your warehouse operations. We are the fastest growing supplier of Crown forklift batteries and chargers on the West Coast. We provide unparalleled service to our customers and offer the best competitive prices in the industry.

Industrial Powersource (I…

Don’t Be a Drain on Your Industrial Battery: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Crown industrial batteries are known for their superior power and performance. Did you know that your battery relies on you just as much as you rely on it? Without proper maintenance and care of your battery, its lifespan may be significantly reduced. If you want to get maximum benefit from your investment in industrial batteries, it’s essential to schedule preventative maintenance.

At Industrial Powersource, we’re committed to helping you get the most from your Crown battery. We know tha…

5 Reasons to Ring in the New Year with Crown Battery

The New Year inspires a desire to do better than you ever have before. It’s the time of year when we’re most motivated to increase our productivity, work harder, and work smarter. With the help of Crown batteries, you can supercharge your New Year with the industry’s best industrial batteries. Whether you’re looking for industrial batteries or commercial batteries, Crown makes the right battery for you. Take a look at the top five reasons to ring in the New Year with a Crown battery.

How to Get the Most Life from Your Industrial Forklift Battery

If you are in an industry where forklift batteries play a prominent role, you already know that a new forklift battery is a major investment. You also probably know that, from time to time, you will need to purchase new forklift batteries for your equipment. What many people do not realize is that there are a few simple ways to prolong and extend the life of their existing lead-acid fork lift batteries.

If you use lead-acid forklift batteries in your business and need tips for maximizing thei…

Don’t Just Use Industrial Batteries – Understand How They Work

Although we as a society use batteries all the time, many of us probably don’t understand exactly how those batteries work. Batteries are so dependable and handy that most people don’t see the need to know what’s going on inside the power source! However, a basic understanding of the inner workings of batteries can be extremely useful. By studying how a battery works, you can use it more safely and easily identify when there’s a problem, whether you’re using industrial batteries or com…

Industrial Powersource ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

IPS wants to give back and we are calling you out to do the same! ALS is a real problem that has affected thousands of individuals and families. Through social media, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has brought awareness of ALS to an unprecedented level!

We, at IPS, love to have fun (after we have taken care of our customers, of course!) When Bill was reading all the press about ALS, he thought why not get IPS involved, and even further why not get our partners involved? We can have fun while ra…

How Platinum Care Powers Your Business

Where would you be without the all important batteries and chargers that keep your business powered and on the go? Industrial Powersource knows that worrying about the state of power sources can cause undue stress and problems, especially when it comes to staying OSHA and EPA compliant. That’s where Platinum Care comes into play, eliminating any question that business will continue as usual, no matter what.

Having a battery go bad on the job can result in costly downtime and customers waiting…

Why Choose Industrial Powersource for Your Charger

Choosing the right charger system for a battery is just as important as the battery itself. Industrial Powersource offers many options for charger systems and has a staff of well-trained sales professionals who can provide the information needed to help in the selection process. Our team of experienced technicians is there to provide professional service to optimize your battery life.

Two of Industrial Powersource’s most popular options for charging systems are the EcoTec Charger and PowerH…

Understanding Our 3-Day Test and Evaluation Process

When customers work with a battery company, they want products that can be relied on and that come in a wide range of options. However, what’s equally important to the product is service. There are hundreds of battery companies out there that may be able to deliver the product, yet fall extremely short on customer experience.

IPS is not one of those companies. We are as committed to customer satisfaction as to the quality of our products. It’s vital for battery companies to provide experience…

Why Other Batteries Bow Down to Crown

You don’t have to be a battery expert to know what you want in a product. Durability, safety, and reliability are just a few of these components, all of which – and more – can be found in Crown batteries. The company’s lead acid batteries can be custom-designed, yet are only available in one category: the best.

Crown batteries are some of the heaviest and most renowned on the market. Consider these features:

flip-top vent caps that minimize water loss
optimal charge and cycling…

Industrial Battery Monitoring: Making it Easier to Monitor Your Battery Power

Industrial Powersource has manufactured a new and innovative way to monitor industrial batteries. Industrial Battery Monitoring is a system that uses wireless technology to check battery power levels and keep you updated on the battery life of your industrial equipment. The system is compatible with all battery manufacturers and can monitor the batteries of forklifts and other common industrial machines.

The electrolyte sensor continuously checks the electrolyte levels of your batteries a…

How to Extend a Forklift Battery’s Life

Using batteries for forklift operation offers a significant financial benefit, but improperly caring for the batteries can greatly reduce monetary gain. To maximize the effectiveness of forklift batteries, it is crucial to develop a regular maintenance routine. With proper care, they can last for many years – approximately 24,000 working hours – and save you lots of money.
Proper Maintenance for Forklift Batteries
After obtaining a battery for a forklift, take the following steps to ensure…

Three Reasons Why You Need PLATINUM CARE Today

Many things can go wrong with your batteries and chargers without proper maintenance.  Here are three very important reasons why PLATINUM CARE will help your business succeed:

AVOID COSTLY DOWNTIME – IPS knows that batteries are the force behind your productivity and loss of production time results in less profit.  With our PLATINUM CARE plan, you will never have to worry about down time.
AVOID OSHA & EPA PENALTIES – Running an operation that is OSHA & EPA compliant takes a lot…

5 Ways Crown Battery Helps Protect the Environment

Choosing industrial batteries for business or personal use can be a tough decision. With so many battery suppliers, specs, models, and uses, how do you make a choice? When choosing a battery, it’s important to think about your needs and goals. Are you trying to maximize productivity? Are you trying to reduce cost? Is your company going “green”?

Crown battery is known for its superior quality, top notch construction, and longevity. What it’s a little less known for is its commitment to…

Maintain Industrial Battery Health With Good Charging Practices

Charging a battery properly is crucial to ensuring it will continue to function well for the duration of its life. On the other hand, poor charging practices can lead to battery degradation or even early death. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of good charging techniques.

Why Good Charging Techniques?
Did you know that the life of your industrial battery depends fully on how effective your charging technique is? A high quality industrial battery charger will make sure tha…

The Care and Keeping of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries require unique care and maintenance because, unlike car batteries, they do not recharge while they are being used. In order to lengthen the lifespan of your golf cart batteries, you should make certain to always keep them properly cleaned and to maintain the correct water levels in the battery. For guidance on care and maintenance, as well as instructions on refurbishing and recharging your golf cart batteries, keep reading!
Cleaning Golf Cart Batteries
Cleaning the termina…

Choosing the Right Forklift Battery

If you run a business that requires the use of forklifts, you know that there are many different options out there for forklift batteries. This article will discuss forklift battery options available through Industrial Powersource, a distributor of Crown Batteries. It will also provide guidance about factors to consider when choosing a forklift battery.
H2GO Less Maintenance Batteries
Crown Battery’s H2GO Less Maintenance batteries allow you to obtain a forklift battery that requires minimal m…

How to Dispose of Deep Cycle Batteries Safely

Deep cycle batteries are a type of lead-acid battery that are often used in industrial equipment. If not properly disposed of, deep cycle batteries pose a threat to our health and the environment because they contain dangerous chemicals: highly corrosive sulfuric acid and lead. Lead has been linked to central nervous system damage in humans and animals. Sulfuric acid can both generate hydrogen gas, which is highly flammable, and it can cause severe burns. Most states have regulations in place re…

Tips for Watering Industrial & Deep Cycle Batteries

Watch this video and learn the proper way to water your batteries….

Basic Industrial Battery Knowledge – How to Maintain your Industrial Batteries

Brett Millette from Industrial Powersource shares some basic industrial battery knowledge. Basic maintenance tips and knowledge that every owner of an industrial battery should know!…

Basic Principles of Battery Safety for Heavy Duty Batteries

High-power industrial lead-acid batteries can pose significant safety risks when they are not handled properly during use or maintenance. For proper battery safety, it’s important to know what health and safety risks heavy duty batteries can pose, as well as how to use heavy duty batteries in a safe manner.
Charging Heavy Duty Batteries
When heavy duty batteries are charged, they can generate concentrations of hydrogen gas that have the potential to explode, and may also pose a risk of elect…

The Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Industrial Batteries

While most consumers’ first thought when approaching a battery purchase is to go right for a new product, there are many benefits to investing in a used or reconditioned battery. Let’s take a look at some of the numerous advantages to buying industrial batteries second hand.

Reconditioned Industrial Batteries Are Cheaper

The price difference between new and used industrial batteries is often the driving reason behind choosing a second hand battery. Industrial batteries, purchased new,…

Industrial Battery Good Charging Practices

Charging an industrial battery properly is key to ensuring that it functions at a high level throughout its life, while bad charging habits can lead to early battery death or degradation. To get the most out of your industrial battery and prevent damage from bad charging, make sure to utilize the following good charging techniques.
Choose the Right Charger
Industrial battery chargers are not one size fits all. Different chargers put out different levels of voltage, which can damage batteries t…

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