How to Get the Most Life from Your Industrial Forklift Battery

If you are in an industry where forklift batteries play a prominent role, you already know that a new forklift battery is a major investment. You also probably know that, from time to time, you will need to purchase new forklift batteries for your equipment. What many people do not realize is that there are a few simple ways to prolong and extend the life of their existing lead-acid fork lift batteries.

If you use lead-acid forklift batteries in your business and need tips for maximizing their lifespan, read on for advice from the pros!

Better Know Your Industrial Forklift Batteries

All forklift batteries go through three key life cycle stages over the course of their usable lives. Here are the three life cycle stages for lead-acid forklift batteries:

  1. Formatting: Formatting refers to the stage where a brand new forklift battery is “broken in.” On average, it takes between 20 and 50 full cycle uses for your batteries to begin to run at full capacity. You do not need to do anything special in the formatting stage, just use the fork lift battery in the field as you normally would.
  2. Peak: After formatting, your forklift batteries will run for anywhere from 100-200 cycles at peak capacity.
  3. Gradual Decline: Due to the breakdown of natural materials in batteries, after a certain amount of use, your battery will begin to gradually decline. It is during this gradual decline phase that many users look for new ways to get more life out of their forklift batteries.

Extend the Life of Your Forklift Batteries

Generally speaking, there is no perfect way to extend the life of your forklift batteries. As is true with any style of forklift battery, eventually, you will need to replace it. However, during the gradual decline phase of your batteries, there are a few things that you can do to extend the usable life of your forklift battery.

  • During the gradual decline phase of your forklift batteries, begin charging them more often. You will also want to ensure that each charge is a lengthy one. We recommend charging your batteries for 14-16 hours, although you should always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Another way to prolong the life of your forklift battery is to avoid “deep discharges.” This means that you should try to avoid allowing your batteries to become completely drained.
  • Only operate your fork lift batteries at moderate temperatures if you are interested in prolonging their lives. This is because operating forklift batteries at extreme temperatures will accelerate the natural depletion of the materials.

If you are in an industry that uses forklift batteries, you already know that industrial forklift batteries are a major investment. For that reason, you certainly want to prolong their lives as long as possible. If you use lead-acid fork lift batteries and follow these tips, you will find that your batteries last longer.

Have you already tried these tips and tricks and aren’t seeing any improvements, it might be time to have Industrial Powersource inspect your batteries. Contact Industrial Powersource today at 562-239-2928.

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