Maintain Industrial Battery Health With Good Charging Practices

mp54Charging a battery properly is crucial to ensuring it will continue to function well for the duration of its life. On the other hand, poor charging practices can lead to battery degradation or even early death. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of good charging techniques.


Why Good Charging Techniques?

Did you know that the life of your industrial battery depends fully on how effective your charging technique is? A high quality industrial battery charger will make sure that your lead acid battery can be charged with the specificity and precise timing that it needs in order to remain active as long as possible, and to perform at its best. Additionally, using a proper charger is almost certain to help your charging process to be as safe as possible. Smart charging practices, using a high quality charger, will essentially eliminate error in the operation of these mechanisms.

Additionally, have you heard of sulfating? Sulfation is the biggest cause of early failures in industrial batteries. But by charging your battery properly and effectively, you can essentially eliminate the formation of small sulfate crystals, which ultimately reduce your battery’s capacity. With good charging techniques, you can avoid most of the conditions that will reduce the life of your lead acid industrial battery – and preserve your investment in your equipment.

Effective Charger Use: Quality is Everything

A high quality industrial battery charger can be used with many different kinds of industrial batteries. Believe it or not, a well designed charger is extremely simple to use, especially because many good chargers actually eliminate user error due to their automatic start functions. They can also determine battery voltage prior to actually beginning the charge, and can charge automatically without needing to be reset after an interruption to their power supply.

The best chargers will not only extend the life of your battery, but will also refrain from exposing the crucial lead components to battery acid. Of course, all electronic equipment requires proper maintenance. Good maintenance means that you should make sure that you always inspect your battery and your charger fully before use, and also ensure that you replace any parts that have been damaged. Additionally, you should make sure that any users of the battery and the charger are well trained in their operation.

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  1. James Bergman January 21, 2016

    I think that the most important way to make sure batteries are charged properly is to make sure the people using the machines and chargers know how to use them. If they know how to use the chargers and machines they will be able to tell quickly when something is wrong, such as a bad battery. They will also be the first to know when something has gone wrong with the charger. So, they should always be aware of what to look for and how to maintain the machines.


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