5 Ways Crown Battery Helps Protect the Environment

Choosing industrial batteries for business or personal use can be a tough decision. With so many battery suppliers, specs, models, and uses, how do you make a choice? When choosing a battery, it’s important to think about your needs and goals. Are you trying to maximize productivity? Are you trying to reduce cost? Is your company going “green”?

Crown battery is known for its superior quality, top notch construction, and longevity. What it’s a little less known for is its commitment to the environment. As recently featured on ABC, Crown is dedicated to responsible environmental practices and works toward powering the future with alternative, renewable energies. Crown industrial batteries and commercial batteries are a breath of fresh air for businesses who want to limit their environmental footprint. Let’s take a look at some astounding facts.

Crown Recycles

Recently, Crown was featured on ABC for creating top notch industrial batteries and committing to the provision of power to undeserved areas of the world. As seen on this special feature, Crown is dedicated to the practice of recycling. Nearly 100% of recycled batteries are funneled back into the manufacturing process. Additionally, Crown makes reconditioned batteries available to consumers who seek quality with a lower price tag.

Crown Uses Wind Energy

As a company, Crown is committed to protecting the environment through 100% compliance with environmental regulations. But, Crown’s desire to improve the environment doesn’t end there. Crown is home to the Wind Cube, a revolutionary device that uses wind velocity to increase kilowatt-hours. By using devices, such as the Wind Cube, Crown is able to harness the power of renewable energy while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Crown Powers Alternative Energy Systems

Not only does Crown use renewable energy to power its manufacturing process, but it also creates industrial batteries and commercial batteries specifically designed for use by alternative energy sources. For example, Crown recently developed batteries for compatibility with wind and solar power systems, providing environmentally conscious customers with a viable way to maximize the availability of a renewable energy source.

Crown Creates Energy Efficient Batteries

In addition to the steps Crown takes to protect the environment, Crown has perfected the art of the energy efficient battery. Crown industrial batteries are designed to save energy, preserve resources, and reduce energy costs. Each Crown battery is created to perform optimally while relieving some of the burden of high energy costs.

Crown Helps Protect Air & Water

Because Crown is committed to protecting the environment, the company works diligently to protect air and water through responsible manufacturing, recycling, distribution, and disposal practices. The professionals at Crown strive to make industrial batteries that provide customers with excellent value and performance while protecting the world around us.

Are You Interested in Crown Batteries for Your Business?

Crown industrial batteries and commercial batteries are easy to use, durable, long lasting, and powerful. As a bonus, you can feel good about purchasing a Crown battery as the company is dedicated to protecting the environment. For further information about Crown batteries, contact Industrial Powersource today.

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