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Avoiding These 3 Common Battery Injuries

Deep cycle batteries deliver a great deal of power for a long period of time, and they come in relatively small containers. When you have that much power in one small area, there are going to be safety concerns to worry about. If you handle deep cycle injuries for your company or even at home, then you need to be aware of these types of common injuries that can occur at any moment.

Ingestion of Toxic Materials

These batteries generate their power by using a series of toxic materials that can be extremely harmful if ingested or inhaled. When you are working with deep cycle batteries, it is extremely important to avoid direct contact with the chemicals inside, and even more important to take immediate action if the chemicals are ingested or inhaled.

Sparks Flying

The charging process for these batteries creates a series of gases that are extremely flammable. A common and devastating type of injury that happens when handling deep cycle batteries occurs when a spark or electrical current makes contact with these gases and causes the battery to explode. This is a very real concern that everyone who handles these batteries should be aware of at all times.

Low-Hanging Jewelry

Another very common injury with deep cycle batteries are burns that come from wearing low-hanging jewelry. The jewelry could make contact with a terminal on the battery, and then complete the arc with another piece of metal. If that happens, then a shock will go through the jewelry and cause serious injury.

Avoiding These Injuries

The best way to avoid these types of deep cycle injuries is to develop good habits when it comes to handling and working with the batteries. These habits include:

  • Recharging batteries in a well-ventilated area
  • Not wearing any loose clothing or accessories while charging batteries
  • Always wearing protective gloves and goggles whenever you handle the batteries
  • Cleaning up spills the moment they happen
  • Having neutralizing solution nearby to allow for easy clean-up of any acid
  • Using an industrial watering device and not a garden hose to refill the batteries
  • Keeping an eye wash station close to the charging area

The ideal way to avoid injuries is to set aside an area that is designated only for working on batteries. This area would be well-ventilated, have a fully-stocked first aid kit on hand, have neutralizing solution nearby, not have any low wires or anything that could cause a spark, and have a work table that is the right height to work safely on batteries.

At Industrial Powersource (IPS), we offer complete safety training on handling and charging deep cycle batteries. Our experts will walk you through the entire process and give you all of the professional advice you will need to keep your work area safe, and avoid the common injuries that can occur when using these powerful batteries.

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Replacing and Recharging Your Forklift Battery

According to OSHA, industrial forklift batteries should last approximately 2000 discharge/charge cycles or 2000 work shifts (under normal conditions). However, frequently transporting heavier loads will drain forklift batteries more quickly than moving light objects.

Warning signs a forklift battery is dying and should be replaced include:

  • Delayed turning over of the forklift
  • Dimming or flickering headlights
  • Ammeter showing a high RPM discharge
  • Battery case has corrosion buildup
  • Battery emits a rotten egg smell

4 Things to Know About Replacing Forklift Batteries

  1. All batteries need sulfuric acid to work properly. Sulfuric acid is extremely corrosive and can cause all degrees of burns if splashed on skin. When you are replacing forklift batteries, always wear protective gear made to resist sulfuric acid (OSHA approved face shields, chemical aprons and rubber gloves).
  2. Remove jewelry and all nearby metal objects from the area before replacing forklift batteries. Metallic objects can short circuit battery terminals and cause an explosion or arc.
  3. Double check that the forklift is aligned with the hoist before lifting out the battery. You don’t want a hoisted battery swinging even slightly as you remove it. Also, make sure hooks are firmly secured in the battery’s lifting holes.
  4. Inspect vent captions to make sure they are working. Compartment/battery covers need to be open to allow heat to dissipate.

4 Things to Know About Forklift Battery Repair/Recharging

  1. Make sure ampere hour ratings are no more than 10 percent of the forklift battery being charged. The battery’s model number tells you the number of cells, amps per cell and plates. To find the ampere hour rating, subtract one from the plate number and divide that number by two. Then multiply that number by the middle number. That should give you the ampere hour rating.
  2. Never water forklift batteries prior to charging them. Overfilled batteries will spill over while charging, allowing dangerous sulfuric acid to erode floors and possibly cause accidental burns. Also, water forklift batteries only with de-ionized or distilled water. Make sure the plates are covered inside the battery cells.
  3. Keep looking for gas bubbles while recharging forklift batteries. The sight of gas bubbles means the battery is almost fully charged. Resulting from the positive plate producing oxygen and the negative place producing hydrogen, bubbling is necessary for creating consistent acid levels across all plate areas.
  4. Forklift batteries that are too hot or too cold won’t charge correctly. NEVER charge a frozen battery and NEVER charge batteries hotter than 115°F.

Replacing and recharging forklift batteries should only be done by people with the experience and knowledge necessary to perform this action correctly. Staffed by skilled personnel who can replace and recharge all your forklift batteries, Industrial Powersource ensures optimal functioning of your forklift batteries so don’t need to worry about unexpected operational delays or serious accidents. Contact IPS Battery today for more information about our extensive line of services and products.

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Don’t Be a Drain on Your Industrial Battery: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Crown industrial batteries are known for their superior power and performance. Did you know that your battery relies on you just as much as you rely on it? Without proper maintenance and care of your battery, its lifespan may be significantly reduced. If you want to get maximum benefit from your investment in industrial batteries, it’s essential to schedule preventative maintenance.

At Industrial Powersource, we’re committed to helping you get the most from your Crown battery. We know that life is busy and it’s easy to lose sight of details. But when it comes to your industrial batteries or commercial batteries, neglecting proper maintenance and care will cost you lost time, money, and productivity. Take a look at some quick and easy ways to ensure your battery receives routine preventative maintenance.

Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Prior to purchasing new industrial batteries, it’s important to discuss your specific needs with an experienced professional. How much time and energy are you able to spend to make sure your battery receives maintenance? What kind of maintenance does your battery require? What will your battery be used for? Can you or your business operate if something happened to your batteries? The answers to these questions will factor in to your battery choice.

Once you’ve decided on a battery, talk to your supplier about creating a preventative maintenance schedule. For batteries, a preventative maintenance schedule may include watering intervals, visual inspections, charging intervals, replacement, or repair of parts, and voltage and specific gravity readings.

Routinely Inspect Your Battery for Wear

A preventative maintenance schedule can help keep you on track, but it can’t pinpoint when unexpected problems might occur. If you rely upon industrial batteries for your business, it’s important to visually inspect your batteries for wear. Ideally, you should visually inspect your battery’s condition, cables, caps, water levels, and charge it correctly.

Choose Trusted Professionals for Maintenance

In order to experience the true longevity of an industrial battery, you must ensure they receive maintenance from experienced battery professionals. Industrial Powersource offers affordable preventative maintenance plans.  Batteries require specific and careful care or they will cease to function properly. This results in loss of production time which means less profit. IPS’ highly trained and experienced technicians are the best to service, maintain, and take exceptional care of your equipment so that they stay in top performing condition. IPS knows that batteries are the force behind your productivity, and we are committed to helping you succeed. For more information about Platinum Care, contact us today.

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5 Reasons to Ring in the New Year with Crown Battery

The New Year inspires a desire to do better than you ever have before. It’s the time of year when we’re most motivated to increase our productivity, work harder, and work smarter. With the help of Crown batteries, you can supercharge your New Year with the industry’s best industrial batteries. Whether you’re looking for industrial batteries or commercial batteries, Crown makes the right battery for you. Take a look at the top five reasons to ring in the New Year with a Crown battery.

Award-winning Quality

Crown is committed to safety, quality, and superior performance. Crown is frequently recognized for manufacturing the industry’s best batteries in a safe and efficient manner. In addition to winning awards for safety, Crown is recognized for creating top notch industrial batteries featuring an in-line solid-cast construction. Known as a top producer of industrial batteries, Crown has a strong commitment to quality.

Unrivaled Efficiency

Crown industrial batteries feature thirteen vertical grid wires and are the heaviest in the industrial marketplace. With proper maintenance and care, Crown batteries will exceed performance expectations. Additionally, Crown batteries have deep cycling capabilities and the ability to maximize your battery’s power while maintaining a high level of performance.

Exclusively Features Posiwrap Protection

Crown industrial batteries feature total Posiwrap Protection, making Crown batteries the most insulated batteries on the market – providing unrivaled protection against wear and short circuits. Posiwrap Protection provides your battery with the ability to out-perform the competition. If you’re looking to invest in long-lasting performance and quality, Crown industrial batteries are a good investment.

Superior Charge

Because of their dedication to excellence and superior performance, Crown manufactures industrial batteries and commercial batteries to hold a superior charge and provide maximum performance. Crown industrial batteries are easily maintained and do not require a special charger. Whether you’re working on a project, powering a business, or need superior industrial power, Crown batteries are a smart choice.

Your Battery, Your Way

Have you ever had a hard time finding the perfect battery to meet your needs? Have you been searching for industrial batteries for your business and can’t find the right one? Crown knows that everyone’s needs are different – that’s why they offer the option to customize a battery to your unique specifications. That’s right – your battery, your way. No more unsuccessful searching while wasting time and money. Crown has the perfect industrial batteries and commercial batteries for your needs.

What’s Your Resolution?

If you’re planning to work harder and smarter in the New Year, Crown batteries will get you there. With Crown industrial and commercial batteries, a range of battery options awaits to help you get the job done. When choosing a Crown battery to supercharge your productivity, make sure to consult with a knowledgeable professional about your specific needs.

At Industrial Powersource, we’re committed to helping you succeed in every endeavor. Whether you’re looking for industrial or commercial batteries, Industrial Powersource is here to make the process simple from start to finish. Contact us today for more information about Crown batteries.

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Don’t Just Use Industrial Batteries – Understand How They Work

Although we as a society use batteries all the time, many of us probably don’t understand exactly how those batteries work. Batteries are so dependable and handy that most people don’t see the need to know what’s going on inside the power source! However, a basic understanding of the inner workings of batteries can be extremely useful. By studying how a battery works, you can use it more safely and easily identify when there’s a problem, whether you’re using industrial batteries or commercial batteries.

The Basic Components

There are many different types of batteries, but one of the most common types is lead-acid. Industrial batteries are frequently lead-acid batteries, but some commercial batteries also use this technology. Lead-acid batteries include the following elements:

  • A plastic container. This container has to be highly resilient in order to contain the energy stored within a battery.
  • Plate separators, which are usually made of porous, synthetic material.
  • Lead terminals, which provide a connection point between the battery and the item that it powers.
  • Positive and negative internal plates, generally composed of lead.
  • Battery acid. Also known as electrolyte, battery acid is a solution that contains sulfuric acid and water.

Putting It All Together

Once these various components are assembled correctly, the battery can begin to store electricity. A chemical reaction is created which produces voltage when the positive and negative plates are immersed in the battery acid. The energy produced by this reaction is released as electricity whenever the battery is connected to an item that creates a circuit between the positive and negative sections of the battery.

Staying Safe

It is important to be aware of safety when interacting with industrial batteries and commercial batteries. Whenever you are doing any kind of serious work with lead-acid batteries, remove all of your jewelry and your watch because they might cause a problem if something goes wrong with the battery.

Another thing to consider is what to wear when dealing with batteries. If a battery is charging, it can explode and send battery acid everywhere. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes from any explosions. In addition, choose polyester clothing, because battery acid will cause cotton clothing to melt.

Time for Maintenance

Especially if you are dealing with industrial batteries, it is important to clean batteries frequently. Clean batteries with a mixture of baking soda and water in order to avoid any problems caused by dirt. Get your battery checked regularly as well if you’re using an industrial battery.

In order to improve the lifespan of your battery, it is important to follow several maintenance rules for both industrial and commercial batteries. For instance, allowing your battery to sit unused will often reduce the battery’s ability to take and hold a charge. When the weather is warm, it may take as little as 24 hours for a problem to arise. Make sure to monitor the temperature of the room where your battery is stored so that it doesn’t get ruined by extreme temperatures!

What are your best safety tips related to the use of lead-acid batteries?

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How Platinum Care Powers Your Business

Where would you be without the all important batteries and chargers that keep your business powered and on the go? Industrial Powersource knows that worrying about the state of power sources can cause undue stress and problems, especially when it comes to staying OSHA and EPA compliant. That’s where Platinum Care comes into play, eliminating any question that business will continue as usual, no matter what.

Before and After Platinum Care
Having a battery go bad on the job can result in costly downtime and customers waiting for service. Productivity is directly related to efficiently and fully completing a job, and profit is connected to production levels. With a preventative care plan like Platinum Care offered by IPS, you can rest assured that batteries and chargers will stay inspected, clean, inventoried, and free of damaged parts through quick replacement. In addition, Platinum Care reduces costs by being more affordable than hiring your own team to take care of batteries. What you spend on an experienced technician, you save in training time, unpredictability of employees, and paychecks.

The task of making sure that all batteries are compliant with government agencies is a delicate and time-consuming process for a business owner, while failing to keep your equipment in check can result in fees and even business closure. Keeping tabs on the equipment and ensuring you aren’t endangering employees or the environment is a top priority, but it can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the many details involved.

Platinum Care: OSHA and EPA standards

  • Industrial Powersource will keep up with all standards of OSHA and the EPA so you don’t have to.
  • Detailed computer records are kept of maintenance as well as voltage, and each battery or charger is kept clean, working, and free of dangerous leaks that negatively impact both workers and the environment.
  • The Battery Room is also inspected and kept up to par by the IPS technician, ensuring there is no question of compliance.
  • Some of the most important offerings of the Platinum Care package are the classes and training exercises for you and your employees. It’s one thing to have a technician visit to ensure batteries are well-maintained and safe for use, it’s another to understand when batteries need attention.

Industrial PowersourceThese classes will prepare you for understanding the delicate care of batteries and chargers, as well as how to spot when there may be issues in compliance. This allows you to receive assistance from Industrial Powersource more quickly to alleviate any problems that may arise, saving time and money in the long run.

Overall, investing in our batteries, chargers, and Platinum Care package is one of the best moves you can make for your company, employees, and the environment as a whole. Don’t let yourself be caught by surprise by OSHA and the EPA. Take steps to prevent serious problems before they occur.

Call today to set up and appointment with our skilled technicians and to learn more about the Platinum Care Package from IPS today!

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Why Choose Industrial Powersource for Your Charger

Choosing the right charger system for a battery is just as important as the battery itself. Industrial Powersource offers many options for charger systems and has a staff of well-trained sales professionals who can provide the information needed to help in the selection process. Our team of experienced technicians is there to provide professional service to optimize your battery life.

Two of Industrial Powersource’s most popular options for charging systems are the EcoTec Charger and PowerHouse IHF Charger. Each has unique benefits that can make it the right option.

EcoTec Charger

  • Versatility. The EcoTec Charger has the ability to charge many different batteries. Each unit is preprogrammed with six different charge curves.
  • Access control. Each charger can be easily programmed to best suit the client’s needs. The charger monitors battery conditions with an auto start/stop control for maximum efficiency, and the unit can be password-protected at two different levels to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Energy saving. This charger system can be programmed to prevent charging during certain times, such as peak usage hours. During each day, up to three periods may be blocked out. It can also be programmed to charge for up to 60 minutes prior to the start of the work week after discharging over the weekend.
  • Communication. Chargers can be networked together to ensure use of the next available battery in the charging cycle. This helps each battery get equal usage and balances charging equally.
  • Wireless limits. Through the wireless communication system, each charger can have its AC power draw limited. This helps prevent the charger from using too much power in places where the main power source might be limited.
  • Monitoring. Batteries charged on the EcoTec system can be equipped with battery monitoring units which allow the system to wirelessly determine battery size, type, voltage, and temperature information and adjust the charging cycle automatically.
  • Equalization. To help extend battery life, the EcoTec system features a setting to automatically perform this step. It can be programmed to complete this on a specific day or after a certain number of charging cycles.

PowerHouse IHF Charger

  • Efficiency. The PowerHouse system delivers a 92 percent charging rate, which is among the best in the industry.
  • Versatility. Each unit has microprocessor controls with 14 preprogrammed charging cycles and uses a Windows-based software system for easy tracking of charging activity.
  • Monitoring system. Through its computer connection, the system compiles and stores data about each charging cycle, including forced switch overs, excess charging, low-level electrolytes and I/U errors.
  • Long-lasting. Each PowerHouse system is designed to last up to 15 years or 30,000 hours of charging time.
  • Remote control. Each unit can be equipped with a BATCOM radio transmitter to provide notices such as overheating, battery capacity, or low electrolytes.
  • Battery life. PowerHouse systems are designed to provide a ripple-free current to the battery, which results in more efficient energy transfer and helps extend the life of the batteries charged on the system.

Industrial Powersource builds long-lasting relationships with our clients to ensure they always have the products and services that best fit their needs. Our sales professionals and technicians are well-known for their honesty and dependability within the power industry and always ready to provide top service.

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Why Other Batteries Bow Down to Crown

You don’t have to be a battery expert to know what you want in a product. Durability, safety, and reliability are just a few of these components, all of which – and more – can be found in Crown batteries. The company’s lead acid batteries can be custom-designed, yet are only available in one category: the best.

Crown batteries are some of the heaviest and most renowned on the market. Consider these features:

  • flip-top vent caps that minimize water loss
  • optimal charge and cycling abilities
  • equipped with sleeve separators
  • LED monitor warns when water is required
  • Full 5 year warranty, not pro-rated
  • made with high-quality lead oxide from Crown’s own mill
  • protected negative edge to prevent shorts
  • insulated with POSIWRAP PROTECTION
  • requires no special chargers

It may not come as a surprise to learn that Crown Battery utilizes an optimum quality assurance system. The company is ISO-9001:2008 certified, which allows its engineers to design and manufacture such superior products. Analysis is regularly conducted to evaluate plant efficiency, product end results, and customer satisfaction. These assessments inform Crown’s decision-makers about the facets of the company that are running successfully, as well as those with room to grow. This leaves opportunity only for improvement.

Crown’s batteries promise high performance and superior return on investment, and the company is true to its word. It is evident that Crown cares deeply about its products, but its dedication to excellence doesn’t end there. The company takes great pride in its ethics and commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. President and CEO Hal Hawk attributes these qualities to frequent safety training and open communication within and between teams on all levels.

The plant’s modern, high-tech machinery is a meaningful component of a safe workplace as well, since it handles the most dangerous jobs. Manufacturing lines complete welding and heating work, and even circulate acid.

Awards and Acknowledgements

In 2012, the Sandusky County Safety Council and the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation declared Crown Batteries exemplary in terms of workplace safety. This is quite a feat, considering the company employs more than 400 people.

Not only was Crown recognized, but the company was awarded in all four categories. They include the Group Award, for the fewest incidents in its group; the 100% Award, for going years without workplace injury requiring employees to miss 1 or more days of work; the Special Award, for managing at least 500,000 hours and 6 months free of employee injuries resulting in 1 or more days of missed work; and the Achievement Award, for lowering accident numbers by 25% of the previous year’s rates.

The privately-owned company identifies its primary values as strength and integrity – qualities it has modeled for more than 80 years. These are the exact values that drive its top priorities, which are commitment to customers, the community it serves, and to its partners worldwide.

Contact Industrial Powersource, a Triple Crown partner and supplier of Crown’s batteries and chargers, to learn more about Crown products.

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Industrial Battery Monitoring: Making it Easier to Monitor Your Battery Power

Industrial Powersource has manufactured a new and innovative way to monitor industrial batteries. Industrial Battery Monitoring is a system that uses wireless technology to check battery power levels and keep you updated on the battery life of your industrial equipment. The system is compatible with all battery manufacturers and can monitor the batteries of forklifts and other common industrial machines.


The electrolyte sensor continuously checks the electrolyte levels of your batteries and sends the status wirelessly to an Internet Gateway. When the electrolyte levels are low, this means the acid in the electrolyte solution in the battery has reacted with the majority of the metal plates. When this occurs, the battery must be recharged, allowing for the chemical reaction to be reversed so that the electrolytes can react with the plates again at a later time.

The wireless signal sent by the electrolyte sensor to the wireless router allows for information to be sent across the wireless internet and phone channels. This wireless system can be customized to notify you of your battery’s power levels through email or cell phone. This allows equipment managers or warehouse workers to remotely monitor their machines from anywhere that has access to a wireless network.

To find out more information or to order an Industrial Battery Monitor system, contact Industrial Powersource at 562-239-2928 or

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How to Extend a Forklift Battery’s Life

Using batteries for forklift operation offers a significant financial benefit, but improperly caring for the batteries can greatly reduce monetary gain. To maximize the effectiveness of forklift batteries, it is crucial to develop a regular maintenance routine. With proper care, they can last for many years – approximately 24,000 working hours – and save you lots of money.

Proper Maintenance for Forklift Batteries

After obtaining a battery for a forklift, take the following steps to ensure that your battery is well-cared for:

  • Clean regularly. Cleaning forklift batteries is an important step towards lengthening their lifespan. Use water and battery acid neutralizer to clean the battery as well as any spills that may occur.
  • Schedule times to work and times to recharge. Avoid running out of battery during a project by carefully scheduling times for the battery to recharge.
  • Check water levels. Since water is a vital part of the battery’s functionality, make sure to refill the battery’s water supply regularly. It will require more water every 5 to 10 charges. Be careful not to overfill, and always water check levels after charging.
  • Inspect forsulphation daily. When white sulphuric crystals appear on the battery’s lead plates, it is less able to hold a charge effectively. Visually inspect forklift batteries daily to make sure sulphation has not begun.
  • Check for exposed plugs and wires. Before use, perform a visual inspection of all plugs and wires to ensure they are not exposed or damaged.


Avoid These Mistakes

Even if you are careful to follow all the guidelines for proper forklift battery maintenance, some mistakes can still be costly. The following problems may lead to dangerous accidents that could severely damage the battery or harm employees.

  • Don’t remove the battery before turning off the charger. Take the time to turn off the charger to avoid damaging the battery.
  • Don’t use a battery that is less than 20% charged. When a battery is not sufficiently charged, it runs hot, which can harm both the battery and the engine that it is powering.
  • Don’t let it die. Once forklift batteries die, they often require as long as three days to recharge. Even worse, allowing a battery to die while operating a forklift can wreak havoc on its electronics.

By heeding these suggestions, you can greatly extend the life of your forklift batteries. A longer battery lifespan means you save even more money!

Industrial Powersource offers a cost effective PLATINUM CARE plan that allows you to avoid costly downtime, avoid OSHA & EPA penalties and substantially decrease your labor costs.  Call 562-239-2928 today speak with one of our experienced technicians!

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