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The Care and Keeping of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries require unique care and maintenance because, unlike car batteries, they do not recharge while they are being used. In order to lengthen the lifespan of your golf cart batteries, you should make certain to always keep them properly cleaned and to maintain the correct water levels in the battery. For guidance on care and maintenance, as well as instructions on refurbishing and recharging your golf cart batteries, keep reading!

Cleaning Golf Cart BatteriesDeep Cycle Crown Batteries for Golf Carts

Cleaning the terminals in your golf cart batteries is very important because it enables the current to efficiently flow from the battery to the motor. This will increase the operational efficiency of the motor. To clean your terminals, begin with the top of the battery, using a brush or a cloth, as well as a water and baking soda solution. Next, use a post and clamp cleaner for the inner part of the cable clamps and the terminals of the battery. Finally, reconnect your battery and coat the terminals with a very thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Checking the Water Level

In a golf cart battery, each battery has a cell with water in it. To increase lifespan, these water levels must be checked at least once a week and properly maintained. Within the battery are leaded plates that should always be covered by water. When adding water, wait until the golf cart battery has been fully charged. Only add water that is either distilled or deionized, which means it won’t have a high content of minerals. Never expose the lead plates to the air, and do not fill the water any higher than needed to cover the plates.

Refurbishing Golf Cart Batteries

If your golf cart battery appears to be dead, you may be able to clean the sulfur buildup on the lead plates in order to refurbish the battery. First, take a crescent wrench and disconnect the cables of the battery to remove it. Next, take the plastic caps off of the cells in the battery, and fill with water if necessary. Plug in the battery charger overnight.

If these steps are unsuccessful, dissolve 10 tablespoons of Epsom salt into a quart of warm water. Take half of the water out of your batteries and replace with the mixture. Shake the batteries after replacing the caps, and charge overnight again.

Refurbishing golf cart batteries is a very difficult skill to master, so unless you have extensive experience with batteries you can always rely on Industrial Powersource to refurbish your battery for you.

Recharging Dead Golf Cart Batteries

If you run your batteries until they are dead, your regular charger may not work properly. To charge these batteries, use a charger that is twice the voltage of a single battery. For example, use a 12-volt charger for a 6-volt battery. Place the red end on positive for the first battery, and the black end on negative for the second battery. Charge and unplug before moving on to the next two batteries. Always unplug the charger first – otherwise, you could cause an explosion! Choosing a good battery charger is crucial to the longevity of your battery, so visit Industrial Powersource today to find the right one.

Click here to view a video with more tips on how to maintain your batteries!

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Choosing the Right Forklift Battery

If you run a business that requires the use of forklifts, you know that there are many different options out there for forklift batteries. This article will discuss forklift battery options available through Industrial Powersource, a distributor of Crown Batteries. It will also provide guidance about factors to consider when choosing a forklift battery.

H2GO Less Maintenance BatteriesIndustrial Forklift Batteries

Crown Battery’s H2GO Less Maintenance batteries allow you to obtain a forklift battery that requires minimal maintenance. While regular forklift batteries necessitate water changes every 1-3 weeks, these less maintenance batteries only need their water changed every 9-12 weeks, depending on the application that you are using them for, and how frequently they are used.

These forklift batteries come with a 5-year warranty and can be purchased in all 85 and 125 amp sizes. They provide you with the same amount of power as our standard batteries, and they do not need a special type of charger. The batteries have a vent cap that is a recombinant flip top, which lessens the amount of water that emanates out of them. They also contain an LED monitor to show you when water is needed, and you have the option of an automatic system for watering.

Sealed Industrial Batteries

For forklifts, sealed industrial batteries from Crown Battery are another excellent option. These batteries are completely sealed and require zero maintenance. They are also clean and have a universal fit for chargers. These batteries are manufactured for heavy-duty construction, and they are proven to perform well in all forklift applications. Our sealed industrial batteries come in 6, 8, and 12 volts. They also come in four different terminal options: standard, type B2, inserted, and type J.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a forklift battery, there are many factors that you should consider. First, think about weight – the battery’s weight will add to that of the forklift, and you must ensure that it still meets its capacity rating. You will also need to check the dimensions of your forklift’s battery compartment and compare that to the battery you are considering.

Other important factors include the recharging system, and the required maintenance for the battery. You may decide that you need a fast-charging system and a low maintenance battery, and you may also opt for an automatic watering system or a warning light for low water levels. Finally, you should be sure to match the voltage of the battery to the electrical system of your forklift.

Choosing a Battery Charger

One very important, and yet often overlooked piece of equipment is your battery charger. It’s important to choose the battery charger that is ideally suited to your battery. Investing in a high quality battery charger can save you money because they will last longer and provide maximum performance. To ensure that you are getting the correct model, and to receive better service if you have an issue with either component, it is helpful to purchase the battery and charger from the same company. To choose the forklift battery and battery charger for your business, visit our website or call today at 562-239-2928.

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